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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and our thought and prayers go out to all the families who have been affected. one of the things i've tried to emphasize is that whether it's fires in colorado or flooding in the northern parts of florida, when natural disasters like this hit, america comes together and we all recognize that there be for the grace of god go i. we've got to make sure that we have each other's backs. >> indeed. the president has been busy in the hours since the supreme court upheld his law. visiting thursday and this morning, welcoming to the white house stephany decker and her family. mrs. decker lost both her legs while shielding her two children from a tornado in southern indiana in march. while the president's been showing compassion and command in a crisis, mitt romney's been busy as well shuffling off to buffalo today for a fund raising cash grab. that after hitting up top dollar
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donors with trump in tow, at the pierre hotel's penthouse just last night. his campaign has been tweeting every hour about how much money they've raised off their effort on the health care law. 4.6 million so far. funny that such a comprehensive and active digital team can't manage to release say romney's own plan for health care reform. while the repeal effort does double his average of 1.5 million raised on a daily basisç the obama campaign claims they have outraised the governor with support for the health care decision in the same period. let's get right to our panel now. a professor at georgetown university, jared bernstein, senior fellow at the center for budget and policy priorities and a former chief exist and policy
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adviser to joe biden and dana millbanks. gentlemen, a bit of news before we dive in. the department of justice has just informed congress they will not prosecute eric holder for contempt, so there you have it. professor dyson. your reaction to that. >> well, i mean it's the only reasonable thing to do. this whole shenanigan was a display of political bitterness on the part of republicans. never in the history of this country has the attorney general been held to such a standard and i think this just shows how bitterly divided we are as americans. sure, you can press your case. you can make your argument, but to go to these extremes to engage in what they know was an empty political gesture shows the degree. >> the the president has emerged from this busy week. and the polling booths, is it
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your view that may be seen as a pivotal moment in his campaign to win? >> absolutely because what he has done is prove that the most, one of the most articulate spokesman fo)hthe far right has agreed that this was a matter of taxation that it was constitutionally legitimate and despite their differences and mr. robert as you will recall, was quite visible in his resistance to mr. obama's criticism of the citizens united. despite their differences, mr. roberts proved he was capable, to go to the constitution itself and and to a decision, i think this will make a tremendous decision in winning barack obama re-election and gives him a kind of confidence in a win beneath his wings. >> jared, mitt romney's only response to the health care
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ruling was to become a font of misinformation saying it would add trillions to the deficit, but have you ever seen a presidential candidate treat his very own legacy with such contempt? he implemented the mandate in massachusetts. but now, expects us to believe that he hates the very idea. >> quite mind blowing. back to the discussion you were just having, why i think this may be pivotal, the fact remains that we have 50 million people uninsured this this country. twice that compared to any other advanced economies. and president obama has a plan that was supported by a democratically elected government and by the highest court in thdç land and he's trying to move that forward and another man, govnor romney, his platform is replace and repeal. at some point, it just becomes
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incredibly conspicuous that one person's trying to solve problems and another isn't. >> dana, in your latest column, you call that an extraordinarily brave decision by the chief justice and yet who joked today he will be spending his holiday on an impregnable fortress on malta. does it really make sense for republicans to -- how he has been about the issue? >> i don't think they can vilify john roberts because they have been praising him in such ways since 2005. you can't walk those sort of things back and guess wh-- what are you talking about? >> mitt romney's uniquely cape l of revising history on these things. they're free to say whatever they want about john roberts and some of them already are. the fact of the matter is he
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proved he is exactly what he said he would be. he said he was gog to be the umpire calling balls and strikes. people on the right hoped he would be another scalia. and in many cases, he has been, but in the most important case of the roberts court, he has taken the integrity of the court and his own integrity more importantly than he does the politics and at least somebody in this town is doing çit. >> it's a relief. professor dyson, much like mandates going back to what's happening in colorado, mitt romney was a believer in manmade global warming before saying he didn't know what caused it and offering no plan to control it. as we suffer under record heat here in the east, as we've watched colorado burn under drought conditions, how smart of a flip-flop do you think romney's performed on this one? >> look, the science of it is real. we used to you know, joke with
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george w. bush about his inability to acknowledge that the science matters, the facts mattered, not one's opinions. i think mitt romney is just showing his points that in their exposing vulnerable here, it's about the science, baby and the science wins out and it shows us that we are suffering under enormous atmospheric pressures. that's not about politics or left or right. democratic, republican. that's about you know, neutral since and the degree to which they're incape l of acknowledging the science indicates the degree to which they're willing to be irrational in the defense of their positions, which by the way, martin, is what mitt romney has proved to be across the board. >> i wanted to go to your expertise on the economy. the german chancellor has said
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she is now satisfied with the deal to help finance debt layden countries andç it's up in some senses. is this a sign of some real stability in europe and if it is, does this put another issue that might have been a problem for the president on the back burner as it were >> it's in the following sense. when you're talking about european economic policy, you have to be careful about often it's a step forward and two steps back. what they agreed to know is direct recapitalization of some of their troubled banks. the way it wasgoing to happen before this agreement, they were going to lend moneys to coup tris that were already in debt. that would have increased the level of those countries, then the countries themselves would have lent from the banks. this is better because it's a direct lending to the banks themselves thus not exacerbating the sovereign debt of these countries and apparently, germany, who's been a hold out,
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has agreed. now, i've been reading in the paper, we have to appoint a regional commissioner, so then you have to keep an eye on this. but it does seem like a positive development. >> finally, to dana. your column takes a look at the whole set of circumstances. i think that's why many of the readers including myself love what you write. how would you sum up this week for the president? >> you know, i think that's an important question because we're all looking at what does this mean for his re-election. there's something more important than re-election and that is what does it mean for his presidency? had it gone the other way on health care, you'd say the signature achievement of the last four years is çgone. you could really say this guy is on the run. it's a much stronger presidency right now. it has actually achieved something in these last four years. i can't help but belief that helps the president in november regardless of which side it
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gives the energy to. but there is something more important than politics. that is governor. thank you all. next, boehner and the boys have scheduled a pointless vote on health care. nice work, boys. now take another week off. stay with us. >> back away from mandates at a national level. >> i like mandates. >> beg your pardon? >> i didn't know you were going to admit that. >> absolutely. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese
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something quite extraordinary is happening in washington right now. the republican controlled house of representatives has actually managed to pass a bill, yes, and
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it's a real bill. this time, one that will finance $120 billion in transportation work while also preventing a doubling of student loan interest rates, so congr congratulations to speaker boehner and cantor, but sadly, even after today's effort, republicans are planning to follow up their pointless and purely symbolic vote on fast and furious withanother meaningless vote on health care. >> there is no question that thç court's decision delineates what's at stake in november. we're going to kopt to try and fight and repeal this bill. >> we're joined from washington by jim moran of virginia. good afternoon, sir. we just saw house majority leader eric cantor, your fellow virginian saying that congress can still the president's health care reform and this in spite of
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thursday's ruling, does this man not realize it's become apparent to all of us that he will do absolutely anything other than something that actually might help create jobs and move the nation forward? >> well, you said it, martin. i mean, this is not what the american people want them to be doing. they want jobs being created. they want some investment in our physical and human infrastructure. they want us to move forward, not backward and yet the republicans are, they've got their armor drawn. they won't let go even though the rest of the world is moving beyond that. going to try to make this an issue. they do so at their own peril. the more the american people learn what's in this health care bill and have that advantage, now people realize what -- take
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the people who don't like it and the people like it an then subtract those who don't like it because it doesn't go fa ç enough, they're exactly equal, but the momentum is in the direction of people embracing this once they realize what it means to them and their loved ones, so this is important for the democrats and of course, this is also about vision. defining visions. this is the completion of the social safety net. it's providing financial and health security for all americans. and now the democrats are going to move their vision forward to shared economic prosperity, focusing on education and training, on helping the middle class participate more fully in the strength of this economy and the republicans are still about protecting their face of very wealthy donors and people who are extracting natural resources from publicly owned lands.
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they are protecting them, but that's not what the american people are. the american people don't want to go back to the 1920s. they want to move forward. >> it's hard to tell what certain republicans are thinking today. a few seem to have taken leave of their senses in response to the supreme court. in fact, mike pence of indiana even compared it to 9/11. now, he later apologized, but why is this ruling produced such hysteria? >> you know, first of all, they've started to believe own rhetoric. they seem to be living in an echo chamber. they get all these talking points and they think their narrow base represents theç majority of the american people. they're really talking to themselves and talking to rush limbaugh and the drudge report and to fox news and so on. but they're really not getting much further beyond that and i
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think their -- if they want things to get better, they've got to support the democratic vision, which is one of more shared prosperity. now that we know people are not going to go bankrupt, they happen to get an illness or in an accident, they're not going to contribute in the way they do to social security and medicare, but now, we have to put our emphasis on job creation, on the kind of excellent educational system that will enable everyone in the middle class to fulfill their potential and that's all about investing in our, the human infrastructure of this country and investing in the fiscal infrastructure. the roads, bridges, public transit. we want to move forward. this is still a wealthy country. we're not broke. the republicans may be broke in term of ideas, but democrats have a lot of ideas because we think that the 21st century can still be america's century as
4:19 pm
long as we work with the rest of the world. we're going to shift the talk now. we won on health care. the more people understand what's in it and the more people appreciate the benefits of it, the more they will embrace it. so now we move forward with the further initiatives in terms of you know, the kind of progressive, shareded prosperity that really enabled the middle class to grow after world war ii. let the middle class realize their potential and we've got to invest in their children to insure that happens. we're moving forward. they want to go back to 1920s. let them go back. we've got a great future ahead this this country and that's going to be our emphasis from here on and they can focus on you know, still trying to repeal health care and chewing on that old bone. we got better things to do now.
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mission accomplished. let's move forward. >> thank you so much, sir, for joining us. next, mitt romney shuffles off to buffalo. the end of a week that may have exposed his candidacy. stay with us.
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mitt romney is shufing to an expensive fund raising event in buffalo. his day began with a room full of millionaires in manhattan, his so-called victory breakfast. but for all the time spent raising cash in quiet rooms, the candidate has done virtually nothing to connect with actual voters. consider monday's immigration
4:24 pm
decision. a mixed bag politically, but one you might think a republican candidate for president might want to address publicly. not so according to the junior mouthpiece given the job ofç communicating mr. romney's non position. >> does he say he has no opinion? >> yeah, i'll say it again and again for you. the governor understands that states have their own right to secure their own borders -- >> stunning discipline. give that young man promotion. our reporter gave his old -- >> governor, are you still thinking arizona immigration law to be a model for the nation? >> sadly, unrequited love for garrett. wednesday, the eve of the health care ruling, mr. romney did dare step before a crowd, but only long enough to taunt the
4:25 pm
president. >> very clear that the big decision is coming tomorrow for the supreme court. my guess is they're not sleeping real well at the white house tonight. >> upon the actual ruling, it was a tightly choreographed and controlled statement. >> thank you so much. >> and there you have it. mitt romney, a campaign in quarantine. a man who would be president of the people even if the only people he meets are those who pay thousands of dollars. stay with us. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you'll know when to stop. [ honk! ]
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the cocktail hour.ç >> we don't know how much i care about the sox. >> 5-3 decision, when sonia sotomayor allowed to vote only after she showed her papers. >> here's mine by the way. >> i know where i stand. >> you still think the arizona immigration law could be a model for the nation! >> we need a greater, more assertive america. >> i'll have what she's having. >> sate again and again and again. >> with worker locking himself in the airplane lavatory. >> he's a job creator. >> we do not need an outsourcing pioneer in the oval office. >> couple of times wondered whether i was going to get a ping slip. >> there's actually a difference between outsource iing and offshoring. some sort of financial wizard who can fix our economy. >> what exactly are you accusing the president of? >> i don't know. >> i burn everything i've done. >> do you have any evidence that
4:30 pm
white house officials are involved in a cover up? >> no, we don't. >> moving the stadium. >> somehow take away or limit people's second amendment rights. >> i don't know what whether that's the case. >> big decision's coming tomorrow for the supreme court. my guess is they're not sleeping real well at the white house. >> the supreme court has upheld the health care law. >> this is a big victory for the president. >> a victory for people all over this country. >> i disagree with the supreme court's decision. >> denial of liberty. >> delineates what's at stake. >> gee, he had this idea aç fe years ago. >> going to get health care for free. just like medicare. don't have any money, but it's in their lock box. >> i don't believe that justice roberts -- >> she tweets obama lies, freedom dies. >> the show runs on freedom. >> let's get to our panel.
4:31 pm
karen finney, ari melber. you'll remember in 2010, really in the hey day of the tea party which people were screaming and atta attacking the health care bill. do you think they'll be a similar type of protest given the fact of what the supreme court has found and also the presidential nominee, mitt romney, actually implemented a mandate himself? >> yeah, i think the contrast to recent history, you have a standard bearer for the republican party that was fine for this program and also talked about it as a national model al and then two, which is really significant here. the constitutionalization of our political differences. we had an open debate about whether this was constitutional. we have a court now that has said this is affirmatively constitutional. they have answered that question
4:32 pm
and we as citizens and the government will abide by that. i think that undercuts part of what the tea party has done. i love they want to talk about american history, but when you start to treat the constitution as aç symbol of what you wish were and not what the court says it is. >> karen, i want to play a new health care ad by karl rove's cross roads super pac. take a listen. >> i would never vote to take away a senior's health care or himt anyone's care. >> but heidi endorsed obamacare. >> that ad basically implies she's lying. but i want to play for you the original ads that they're quoting. >> 12 years ago, i beat breast cancer. when you live through that,
4:33 pm
political attack ads seem silly. i would never vote to take away a senior's health care. >> so, congratulations to karl rove. >> it's really classy isn't it? having lived through this in the clinton years, this is the kind of very nasty distortion that we are going to see over the next several weeks. but here's the thing. remember that political speaking, mitt romney has to win independents. this is about the independents. and they have to be worried that a little bit too much of the extremes, remember what we saw from the tea partiers and this kind of extreme ad. again, a a woman who overcame breast cancer. that's not going to appeal to independent voters. if you're someone for whom those attacksç work, you're probably not voting for president obama. you probably already support mitt romney. so remember that in the context of this election, mitt romney has a very fine line to watch in terms of keeping that far right
4:34 pm
wing tea party base with him and still appealing to the mor moderate independents in this country. >> but ari, to your point, is karl rove respecting the constitution by running ads like that? setting aside the most distasteful nature of the con. tent. >> well, i don't think he's breaking any rules. the fact that so much of this stuff gets so dirty and sometimes in his case, we can trace it back. in many cases, we can't find out who the donors are. the other point that i think is important is all of this is sort of, all of the arguments about the law are sort of bookended here by this really redick louse ridiculous vote we had in the house about holding the attorney general in contempt. something that has never been done before and was timed in a really odd, suspicious way. >> people would say deliberate. >> well, i'm being as fair as
4:35 pm
possible. the only point i want to finish with is that this is the problem as we go into a general election. we have a lot of high minded talk from elements of the the right wing about law and justice and the rules. well, the rules are here. the constitution is here. you have to respect what the supreme court did and look at the precedent, that it does not respect normal boundaries. >> and remembe)ç that karl rove is is the person who has tried to win elections by scapegoating gay and lesbian people, immigrants in this country. he is the guy who is all about fear mongering, so of course he is going to attack a breast cancer survivor if he thinks it's going to get a few votes. this is where the tactics are going to meet up with the reality of the law. >> thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. coming up on "hardball," who sees the health care issue as a
4:36 pm
winner in 2012 in the president, romney or neither? next, mitt romney and a chamber of commerce survey lifts a suspect as the candidates campaign. remember, it's not a lie if you believe it. stay with us.
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recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people.
4:39 pm
so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this. having failed to offer anything resembling an alternative to the health care law, mitt romney sought refuge in the halls of one of his favorite american institutions. >> businesses across the country have been asked what the impact of obamacare is. three quarters surveyed said obamacare makes it less likely for them to hire people. >> that's not something romney said just yesterday. oh, no, something he says
4:40 pm
virtually every day. >> i saw a survey done by the chamber of commerce. about a year ago, the chamber of commerce did a survey of some ç 1,500 small businesses. 75% said obamacare made it less likely for them to hire people. >> well, professor of economics at u.c. berkeley, good afternoon, sir. he's also author of "beyond outrage." the chamber of commerce, which has spent a lot of money running ads against the health care law, issued a press release saying that the survey romney vcites i not a scientific sample of small business executives, so why does he keep using it? >> because the media keeps reporting it, martin. look, romney will say anything
4:41 pm
as long as the the media will say that he said it. he'll make up fact, tell big lies and in this election, i mean, in every election, you've got candidates who are not necessarily -- about precisely what they say, but in this election, this candidate, mitt romney, seems to be breaking all records for saying things that have no basis in fact, making up facts and for leaving out any reasonable details of proposals he's making. >> we refer to him as mitt the mendacious and also claims the law will, quoting, trillions in new deficit and debt and will mean 20 million americans will lose the insurance they have. true? and do you have any idea of where romney's getting his information from? >> first of all, none of the claims is true.
4:42 pm
i have no idea where mitt romney is getting his information from except perhaps from people who support mitt romney. maybe he is making it up on the basis of facts that are supplied by republican think tanks that are making up the facts. i don't know. but there's tho doubt in my mind at all that we are going to see over the next four months, a deluge of big lies. it's sitting right there. most of it goes into effect in 2013, 2014 and many people are quite nervous naturally about their jobs, their wages, their health care. people who have health care, even though their health care will not be affected by the affordable care act, they are sitting ducks for demagogues who will essentially come along and make them fear that they're going to lose something rather than gain something. here is the fact. the fact is that right now, we have 30, 40, 50 million people
4:43 pm
in america who are not in any way insured for health care. they therefore do not see doctors to prevent their health problems, which have to be dealt with in emergency rooms which you and i pay for. that's%e of reasons why health care is now 18% of our national product. i mean, no country has as large a health care budget as we do with as many people and as large a percentage of population going without any health insurance. >> romney says that he'll repeal obamacare and replace it with some of these key provisions. watch this, sir. >> we have to make sure that people who want to keep their current insurance will be able to do so. got to make sure those people who have preexisting conditions know they will be able to be insured and something obamacare that does not do that must be
4:44 pm
done is helping lower the the cost of health care and health insurance. >> professor reich, he's just ticked off three critical aspects of the health care law that's just been upheld by the supreme court. does this man even know what's in this law? >> he must know what's in the law because the law is very much modelled after the law that he passed and signed into legislation in massachusetts when he was governor there. might be called romneycare. it's very awkward for governor romney to say with a straight face that obamacare does not deal with preexisting conditions when he knows. he must know that that's one of the corner stones of obamacare. it's tell insurance companies you've got to take people who are sick even though you may want to avoid them. right now under the law, many insurance companies can can avoid sick people. once obamacare and once effectively theç affordable ca
4:45 pm
act goes into effect, those people and those insurance companies will have to take sick people. they'll also have to do a lot of other things they don't want to do. in massachusetts under romneycare, might as well call it obamaneycare. they're basically the same thing. docto doctors, hospital, insurance companies have to do a lot of things they'll have to do. >> thanks so much for your truth telling on this subject. next, more on mitt romney's buffalo fund-raiser. but first, hampton pearson. >> hello and happy friday. markets closing at the first half of the year in full rally mode. the dow up 277 points. s&p up 33. the nasdaq gaining 85 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. more from martin bashir in just a moment.
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the seats to raise money, continue his assault on the president's health care reform. it's also legislation that reempmented as governor of massachusetts. a buffalo business man, proud republican and a man who ran for new york governor in 2010. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon, martin. >>ç let me begin if i claim something that you yourself said the last time you appeared on our broadcast. take a listen, sir. romney calls himself severely conservative. is he conservative to you?
4:50 pm
>> about as conservative as you are, martin. no. he's not conservative. >> you are a committed conservative. but do you honestly feel, how do you honestly feel about mitt romney? who implemented the exact same health reform as the president has now done, but now says he hates it and he himself is a severe conservative. how do you honestly feel about him? >> i think the reality of it all is that it's going to take a moderate person to win this election to beato bam. and in my mind and in the mind of most western new yorkers, that's the objective. mitt romney can do that. he's a good man. he doesn't necessarily carry real conservative values on his sleeve, which is fine with us. >> good. thank you for admitting that, sir. thank you very much for admitting that he does not carry conservative ideals on his
4:51 pm
sleeve. can i ask you why you're not attending the fund-raiser this evening, sir? >> so i could be on this show with you, martin and my son is attending in my place. >> i'm sure you have enough time. it's only about eight minutes to five on the westç coast. can you really not get to the fund-raiser this evening? >> no, it's time for the next generation to go and cozy up with the president of the united states. >> would it be -- is it the reason for why you will not go there tonight because you know that he is not a severe conservative. he is not a man of conviction and you know that and you're too honest and -- >> not at all. >> to go and see him? >> no. that's not the case. nope. i'm highly supportive of mitt romney's candidacy. i want him to win. and i would have been there had
4:52 pm
we not scheduled this appearance on your show. instead, by son is there and we're highly supportive and we're extending funds in for the party as our other businessmen for the community as is their responsibility to support a good person to take over the reigns in washington, d.c. >> even though, sir, as you yourself admit this man is not really a conservative. you feel that you have to support him -- >> no, he doesn't carry -- >> because you're a republican. >> no, i think he's a moderate republican. which is fine with me. i would have preferred someone with more conservative values, but that's all right with me. >> who would you have preferred, sir? rick santorum perhaps or newt gingrich? >> no, no. gingrichç was, yes. we're satisfied with mitt romney and his candidacy.
4:53 pm
and we have to deal with that evil in washington and mitt romney will deal with that. >> mr. paladino, thank you so much. >> i say that on behalf of the people of buffalo. >> thank you for missing out on the dinner tonight. we thank you for your presence on our broadcast. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] goodnight gluttony,
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a farewell long awaited. goodnight, stuffy. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspiration. [ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test. it's time now to clear the air. and it's hard to remember a presidential candidate who seems to be so at war with his own personal and political biography as mitt romney. it took him less than two hours to come out and denounce the supreme court's decision yesterday which upheld health care reform.
4:57 pm
a reform he first developed and implemented as governor of massachusetts, but now, he treating his own singular achievement as if it's covered in lep rosie. >> what the court did not do on its last day, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. and that is i will act to repeal obamacare. >> he says this knowing full well that 98% of people in massachusetts now have health insurance. by far the best rate in the country and public support is as high as ç75%. but despite this obvious success, which was the president who had to mention the fact of mitt romney's commitment to the individual mandate. >> in fact, this idea is enjoyed support from members of both parties, including the current republican nominee for president. >> except that the current republican nominee for president
4:58 pm
finds himself entirely immas because he will not stand by what once stood for. in all seriousness, it must be for him, the most horrible expeese experience of conrtion. pretending that health care in massachusetts never really happened instead of owning up to his single most important contribution to public life. but that's mitt romney. a hollow candidate, who every day is running away from his own signature achievement. thanks so much for watching us at this new time of 4:00. chris matthews and "hardball" starts right now. health care up in the polls. let's play "hardball."
4:59 pm
good evening i'm chris matthews in washington, d.c. let me start with the thunder on the right. one leader compared it to 9/11. an attack out of the sky. one conservative in theç media world branded the chief justice a trader. rush limbaugh called the supreme court it a death panel. if you ever wondered which side has gotten into a partisan crazy world, listen to the souls screaming. the lunatic right feels raving mad. don't believe this soft line you hear about repeal and replace. this fury on the fight isn't looking for a better health care plan. it's looking to destroy the only one that's ever been. our guests david corn and -- gentlemen, it's great to have you on. true believes and we need some true believers. this reaction from the screw


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